Social Climbers

this phenomena is spreading wide in all social media. am i right? or am i not?
maybe, some of your friends or even you are one of them..

this time, i will write about this phenomena from general people like me. dari kacamata orang awam.. bukan anak hits, and literally nobody..
me too, is a social climber.. why? because i admit, i made this blog to write my opinion about something tanpa ada yang memberi penilaian secara subjektif because nobody knows who i am.. but if one of my article going viral, ya ga nolak juga buat being famous.. who doesn't want it anyway? liat aja beauty vlogger, selebgram, youtubers etc. what a good life they have.. popularity, money, fans, high class sociality.. who doesn't want it?

sah-sah aja sih being a social climber.. everybody deserves a chance to have a better life kan.. semua public figures, artis, selebgram etc juga berawal dari trying their luck in social media or else dan berakhir baik.. intinya kan u just have to know what you're good at, and try your luck on it without ever giving up..
feeling you have a perfect body? why don't u try to be a model?
good at speaking? coba jadi penyiar, atau public speaker..
interested in fashion and beauty? beauty vlogger..
you feel smart? be a tutor, or you can make a tutoring video..
feeling introvert, but you want to try something? write.
there are a lot tings you can do for yourself you may think it's useless in the begining.. but once u tried, u will do better.. don't stop trying and improve. inget, there's nothing wrong with being a social climber in a good way..,

yang salah itu yang being a social climber in a bad way. what?
coba cek lagi... some people think it's all about fancy things, jadi mereka maksain to look fancy. some people think it's about high-end stuff, jadi mereka maksain to show off their high-end stuff yang modal belinya entah dari mana. itu yang salah.
you don't have to fake things about you to become famous.. some public figure that already famous maybe does change something, like hide their real name and change it..and look when people know the truth? jadi bahan ledekan juga kan?
some people think it's about a hot body.. does it? then you should see Loey Lane, Sarah Rae Vargas, Priscilla Ono. they are not in 1 3 5 size. i bet they're more. but they never fake things, and they are confidence with who they really are, they follow their passion and look where it take them.

the point is, you just have to be confidence and know what your passion is.. some great singer now maybe once was someone who rejected in singing competition but they try again and again until it tkaes them to the top now. some great fashion stylist may start as a little boy that got mocked from being different until they stand in the spotlight, who knows? every big things started from a little begining.


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