nakal? what? but why?
why? that's the question.

i don't know if it's just happened around me or maybe wider tapi kok anak-anak jaman sekarang seems like so proud to be bad. why?? whyy???

for example, starting from our sorrounding lah ya..
i was bad too, i admit it. but i never felt proud of it and i try to hide it because i know it's wrong for a kids or teenager seumuran gua (dulu) to behave that way. but, some other kids seusia jamannya gua nakal dulu, they try really hard to be seen bad. why? do they feel proud of being bad? you are stilll young, and believe me.. being bad is not cool as u feel. parahnya lagi, di usia yang harusnya udah mulai serius preparing your future, ada aja orang-orang yang baru pengen nakal, and as u guess, jatohnya norak,

naik lagi ke tingkat di atas itu, see the news nowadays. pelajar mukul guru, pelajar maki-maki oknum, pelajar melakukan kekerasan, pemerkosaan, even crime! some of crimes that happened lately, kebanyakan involving teenagers some case even under age child. why? what is happened with teenagers now?

every teenagers, good or bad, they were an innocent child before and who took care of them? their parents, right? and to every parents who said or thinking it has nothing to do with u.please, it must have something to do with you. semua kan pasti berawal dari rumah. u think your child misbehave because of their friends? then you should see closer to their friends too. if u think your child befriend with someone wrong, how could you not do anything about it? or when u think they have a good friends but still ended up being bad, then you don't know what they do outside.

u think u know everything about your child? think again. selama ini kebanyakan orang tua sibuk menata masa depan anaknya dengan akademis, privat ini itu, dan cekokan materi lainnya. do that enough to your child without any of your attention? no.
jadi gua pernah baca di artikel, bad kids behave like that mostly to get attention dan untuk penjajakan jati diri. why? because the don't get it at their home. their family don't give it to them, dan hal ini ga terjadi cuma dikalangan anak-anak kurang mampu yang mungkin orphan atau kedua orang tuanya sibuk nyari uang, atau broken home. coba cek juga dikalangan elit lain.

jadi ya intinya, be a parents is not about ready secara material beli susu dan nyekolahin anak doang. being parents is about get ready in all aspect, termasuk juga emosional dan psikis to raise a child. be close as good as possible to your child.. be a parents mean u have to take care of your child needs not only physically, but also emotionally. give attention they needed and u have to know how to treat your child once they misbehave, u have to be strict enough but not too hard. u have to be good enough but not too soft.

and for the teenagers who read this too, don't be afraid to tell your parents how u feel. the best place to find happiness is in your own home. if you can't find it alone, then ask your parents to make that happiness together :)

as u can see, being teenager nor parents is not that easy.. that's why a close relation between parents and their kids is very important nowadays.


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