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Social Climbers

this phenomena is spreading wide in all social media. am i right? or am i not?
maybe, some of your friends or even you are one of them..

this time, i will write about this phenomena from general people like me. dari kacamata orang awam.. bukan anak hits, and literally nobody..
me too, is a social climber.. why? because i admit, i made this blog to write my opinion about something tanpa ada yang memberi penilaian secara subjektif because nobody knows who i am.. but if one of my article going viral, ya ga nolak juga buat being famous.. who doesn't want it anyway? liat aja beauty vlogger, selebgram, youtubers etc. what a good life they have.. popularity, money, fans, high class sociality.. who doesn't want it?

sah-sah aja sih being a social climber.. everybody deserves a chance to have a better life kan.. semua public figures, artis, selebgram etc juga berawal dari trying their luck in social media or else dan berakhir baik.. intinya kan u just have to know what you're good a…

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